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Sweet Snacks for Healthy Eating


I have been sticking to my Weightwatchers diet for almost six months now, and have lost just over a stone. I feel a lot healthier now and feel a lot better in myself. I am still plus sized, but my clothes fit a lot better than they used to.

Although I am eating a lot healthier, I still have a sweet tooth and can’t resist chocolate or donuts on the odd occassion. However, there are times where I reach for a slightly more healthy sweet item than what I used to reach for.

I thought that I would share them with you here.

Berries in Low Fat Yoghurt

This is a great one if you’re feeling peckish and it keeps you filled up for a few hours. I tip about a handful of berries; usually blueberries or raspberries and add 125g of Alpro Coconut Flavoured Yoghurt. This is 2pp on Weightwatchers. If you want te yoghurt to be more sweet you can add a spoonful of sweetner.

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drinks

I discovered these in Asda the other day. They cost £1 and are a healthy green/white tea drink collection. I have been taking these to the gym instead of drinking lucozade for a bit extra energy during my workouts. I do like the white tea flavour the best.

Weightatchers Mint Crunch Bars
I won’t go too heavy on Weightwatchers products. This isn’t an advert for Weightwatchers. However these bars available in the meetings are really lush. They have just enough of a chocolatey taste to keep you satisfied and they’re very crunchy and minty. Love them. They’re only 2pp too! There are other bars if you’re not a mint fan.

Skinny Popcorn: all the flavours!

I have recently rediscovered my love for popcorn. The reason being that depending on the flavour they only cost 1 to 2pp on your weightwatcher’s plan! That’s pretty amazing. If I have any points left over from the day I’ll whip a small bag of this out. My favourites are the sweet and honey flavours.

Starbucks Caramel Frappucino

I am a Starbucks addict. And I am so glad that my favourite drinks are as low as they are in points. Most of the medium frappucinos work out at 4pp. It’s not too bad; just ask for skimmed milk instead of full fat.

Caffe Nero Chocolate and Coconut Frappe

Whilst I’m on the subject of sweet yummy drinks, Caffe Nero’s Frappe collection are amazing. I have them with soy milk which lowers the points down drastically: 3pp. Also, if you want food, their ham and cheese toastie is on 6pp.


If you really do have a fancy for chocolate bars, Chomps really do take the edge off. They are only 3pp and are really nice and sweet. Not bad for real chocolate.

Mini Mars Bar Ice Creams

I do get cravings for ice cream sometimes and these are awesome. They are tiny but they taste amazing. They’re only 2pp too!

And those are the only sweet things I can come up with at the moment. If you would like to see more healthy eating posts, let me know. I actually enjoy the change from makeup posts.

Bye for now!




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