Liebster Award 2


Wow my second Liebster Award in 2 days. Thanks Law of Interest for nominating me. Love the questions that you’ve chosen too; but we’ll get onto them in a moment!

The Liebster Award has 4 rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog
  2. Answer the questions asked by the nominator
  3. Nominate bloggers with under 500 followers
  4. Create 10 questions for the nominees to answer.

And here are my answers to LOI’s awesome questions….

  1. What is your favourite beauty brand? At the moment this is Bare Minerals, and it has been for the past three years. I think they have a great range of products that suit everyone and the products smell amazing too.
  2. What inspired you to start blogging? It was a mix between watching Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother and reading some beauty guru’s blogs once I started taking more interest in YouTube. I think my first post was on Weebly about some Eco Brushes. Not the most interesting of posts looking back!
  3. What is your favourite Disney film? I think this one is Hercules. I love the songs and I love the style. I love all the older 90s below classics actually.
  4. Mascara or Eyeliner? Mascara.
  5. If you could only ever use two hair products what would they be? Shampoo and conditioner. I like clean hair.
  6. What would your ideal night in consist of? Sleeping the entire night through without needing the loo or my inhaler.
  7. What is your favourite animal? I like hamsters. I’ve had three and they were the loveliest pets to look after. My most recent one died about a year ago. He was four years old. His brother lasted about three and a half years. I also like cats and would love a dog as a pet.
  8. Who is your favourite blogger at the moment? My favourite blogger is still Lily Pebbles. I also really love Vivianna Does Makeup’s blog posts.
  9. Is there one moment in your life you would do all over again? My two years in London. I really did not take advantage of living in the city. There was so much I could have done and I just chose to go to Lakeside on the weekend. That’s it. There was so much more that I could have done!
  10. What is your favourite fragrance? Marc Jacob’s Honey. Love it!

So, my nominations are…. Her Life Post Grad, KsincBeauty and Becca-Anne Beauty. And the questions that I have chosen for you are:

  1. Who is your style icon?
  2. Which is your go-to everyday lipstick?
  3. Who would you want to do your makeup for a red carpet event?
  4. What is your dream job?
  5. How would you spend an ideal Saturday night?
  6. If you could design an eyeshadow what colour/finish would it be and what would you name it?
  7. Who is your favourite Youtuber?
  8. Where would you live if you had the choice to move right now?
  9. Favourite childhood moment?
  10. Favourite book?

Bye for now! Looking forward to reading your entries!




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