Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil Review



I am always wary to review skincare until I’ve tried it for a few months, just to get a full rounded idea of how this reacts to my skin.

This is an over night serum meant to replenish and recharge moisture in the skin. Also, the girl who sold this to me said that over time it helps reduce redness and blemishes on the skin. I took her word for this and bought it. My skin was feeling really dry and seriously needed some hydration!

It cost Β£15, which isn’t bad for a serum. It’s also meant to be worn overnight, but I have been applying this under my moisturiser. You use a pipette to apply, and honestly, a small amount goes a long way! I use two small drops for each side of my face, and it absorbs super quick. That’s either a sign that the product is working, or an indication of how dry my skin actually is!

I have been using this serum since the middle of July, and I noticed results straight away. My skin has felt smoother, and less dry. Also, the girl’s claims that this reduced blemishes and redness has proven true since I have noticed a reduction of angry red patches and spots on my face since I started using this.

This really is an awesome product. Definitely worth the money if you have seriously dry skin!


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