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The ‘F**k It’ Guide to a Carefree Life

Life can be shit sometimes. It can get us down, and genuinely make us feel like weeping into a pillow for the rest of time. A tad depressing? Maybe. Actually, I may have over exaggerated that statement. But everybody has those moments where life just feels like a big pile of crap.

Yet, it’s not always like that. So here are my seven little ‘Fuck it’ rules for those days that I just want to crawl into a hole and never resurface; or even just those things that will make your life a nicer in the long run.

1: People move on. For those embarrassing situations where you are a negative centre of attention. This happened a lot during school. I remember one time I made a valentines day card and everybody found out. I was the geeky girl who had the crush on the popular boy. This ended in ‘Never Been Kissed’ style laughing for the rest of the week. Cringe! I felt completely shit at the time, but after a week, these horrible people moved on and found something else to occupy them. So just remember, people do move on. Just smile and put up with the crap for that brief moment of your life.

2: Find something else to occupy your mind. For those times where you are really preoccupied with something really awful. Maybe a boyfriend/ girlfriend has cheated on you and you have broken up. It is harder to actually put into practice, but find something else to occupy yourself. I took up blogging after my boyfriend at the time broke up with me; it’s now something I do to regularly three years later. And another time, when I felt a bit lonely and homesick, I started going toย Zumba classes to meet people. It takes a while, but this does help.

3: Get rid of all the shit. I should put a swearing disclaimer on this post. I think there’s going to be a lot of it! All I mean by this is, if it’s a constant thing that really gets you down, get rid of it. Maybe it’s a job that you hate; apply for new ones and hand in your notice as soon as you can. Life is hard enough without your career making you feel like crap. I did this a year ago and I’m a lot happier in myself.

4: What are the good things? Similar to finding something else to occupy your mind, take a moment to think of the good things you have going. You might want to write these down in a book. Amelia Liana has a great diary ideas for this in her How to Be Happy video. Or you may just want to think them at that particular crappy moment, such as “They may laugh at my nose, but I really love my eyes.” These can be little things that just make you feel good about yourself.

5: Have some ME time. We spend a lot of time in our life helping other people, or just genuinely putting other people’s feelings above our own. It’s exhausting! It’s sometimes just nice to take a step back and be selfish for a change. Have a bath, eat that bar of chocolate, watch a film in bed, take your bra off! Just have that moment to yourself.

6: Switch the Screens off! We are in a technological age. Everything seems to have an app, and can be accessed with the touch of a button. Perhaps 70% of our day-to-day life revolves around some form of a screen. Screens have powerful bulbs in them that are extremely bright, especially if you are in a poorly lit environment (call centres, maybe?). These bright lights cause a lot of headaches. I spent a good wedge of two years thinking that I had a brain tumour due to having constant bad headaches. Once I left this job, they disappeared. My last job involved twelve hours of constantly looking at a computer screen. Big strain on the brain and eyes! This taught me to take a bit of time away from technology. Read an actual book instead of looking at a kindle. Maybe take some walks. Anything as long as the screens are well away from my hands!

7: Tell the Poisonous People to Bugger Off: Just like things in your life get you down, there will be people. At school, they were bullies. Now as a grown-up, they’re still bullies, but you can’t always say goodbye to these at 3.30pm. You may work with them, or you may see hateful comments from them online. Dan and Phil, and a whole bunch of other youtubers did a really helpful video about this a while ago. If you are having trouble with specific people, just cut them out of your life. Online, you can block them.In your life just very politely tell them to cut the crap or they get ditched from your life.

Can you think of any more? What do you do when life get’s a bit too much?


** This was originally released on my old blog on 9/3/2015 but I thought it was still a pretty relevant post to repost on a new date here. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚ **


2 thoughts on “The ‘F**k It’ Guide to a Carefree Life

  1. I love your positive take on things, I totally agree. Although it is hard sometimes, it is up to us to get over the problem or the situation. I really like this Jack Sparrow quote:

    “The problem is not the problem. Your attitude towards the problem is the problem” ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    The point is, don’t let anything get you down – be it people, situations or the facts of life. As you said, life is hard enough as it is, so make the best of it and don’t get disappointed, because there are always worse things that could have happened and maybe you were actually lucky. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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