My Candle Choice for Autumn



Candles are a nice way to add light to a dark evening. They look beautiful and the shadows produced on the walls look gorgeous.

Scented candles are some of my favourites. I am a big fan of the Little Hotties sold add Fizzyliscious in Durham however they also sell Village Candles.

Village Candles are a dupe of Yankee Candles. They smell nicer and cost a lot less. This one cost me Β£12.99.

For Autumn I am currently working my way through the candle, ‘Decadence’. It’s a gorgeous sweet scent that smells very much of treacle and baking. It’s beautiful.

I have a feeling that this one is going to last me a really long time (the last one was smaller and took 3 months to burn down). However I’ve got my eye on a Cider candle next. That is possibly going to be my Christmas scent at the rate these burn.

I really love these candles. If you have a Village Candle stockist near you I do rate them over Yankee Candle.

Bye for now!


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