Those Magic Moments

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A lot of people go on about that magic moment where you feel that everything that you have done to improve yourself finally clicks into place. Weightwatchers use it in relation to weight loss, and other people use it in relation to their career.

I had a magic moment today when I decided to try on a dress that I have not looked at in a year. A Henry Holland floral dress; I love his style and have a few pieces from him. I bought this last time I tried to lose weight and even though it fit, it still looked a little snug around the love handles. Seeing these really knocks my confidence in any outfit and can bring about some anxiety if I try several dresses on in a row and this happens. Nasty voice says, “Fat bitch, fat bitch, fat bitch!” And yes, I’ll admit, this can bring on tears. It’s not a great feeling when your own head says those horrible comments that you would bitch-slap a person in the street for saying to your face.


Well, today I tried on the dress, wanting something nice to wear and I was surprised to find that not only did this fit, but it was loose around my back and belly; hiding the wobbly bits that cause me so much anxiety. The great bit; this is a 14. Where did my waist go???

It is such a good feeling to find that everything that I have done in the past few months (years for some things) are finally starting to take effect. So can I just say thank you to Jonathon for taking me on as a PT client and putting up with my tears and bad humour for two years. Thank you Mam and Dad for supporting my want to lose weight and keeping me on the straight and narrow. Thank you Weightwatchers for your constant support and amazing attitude even when I have gained weight during that week. It’s nice to have such a great support system in place; Lorna, you’re an amazing leader and never judgemental. And also thank you to Henry Holland for designing some beautiful dresses that are a joy to wear!


I know this has been a gushy post, but I just wanted to share this with everyone. It’s great to have those moments where you feel truly happy in yourself.

What have been your magic moments lately?

Bye for now!




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