Rediscovering Benefit Porefessional (Review)



Hi guys!

I recently repurchased a primer because I have noticed that my pores are getting a little bigger in my cheek areas. I wanted one that smooths out facial imperfections but also gives a non greasy texture to the face. As you know, I have been a bit anti-primer at the moment, feeling that it’s just one extra layer of product that the skin doesn’t need.

I was walking past the Benefit counter in Boots and saw an old favourite. I used this long before I had a blog and it was one of my favourite most-needed products when I was at university. It’s been about seven years since I finished university so it’s been a long time since I last used this regularly.

It costs £24.50 for a 22ml tube, and the packaging is really pretty; like all Benefit products. It has that vintage vibe. I love it! I decided to retry this to help downsize my pores.

As for the product itself, it feels very lightweight and has a silky finish to the skin, ridding the skin of any excess oils. I noticed that my foundation applied much better and looked more airbrushed on days that I applied this product. It also works really well with tinted moisturisers.

So out of a lot of my nostalgic beauty products, this still holds up, and I’ll be buying another tube again once this runs out.


So what beauty products have you guys rediscovered recently? Would you like to see other rediscovery reviews?

Bye for now!




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