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Weightwatchers Food Diary: Preparing for my First Night Shift


Hi guys.

Night shifts are an essential part of my job, yet it can be tricky to get into that mindset. So this month, I thought that as well as doing my food diary I’d go through my steps to psyche myself into staying up all night.

So here we go!


7am: I start my day with my usual filling breakfast; porridge with almond milk. I’m actually trying a new one which is Alpro’s Almond and Coconut Milk. It’s really nice although I don’t really taste a lot of coconut. Also, I had no fruit in the house, so I added 10g of dark chocolate drops. This boosted the porridge up to 7pp.

8-10am: I try to keep myself busy by doing some housework. When finished I had a small WEightwatchers Cranberry and Strawberry Crunch Bar. These a re 2pp.

11.30: I then went to the gym to take part in a fitness class. This does a great job at tiring me out ready for my afternoon nap. Today I took part in the Aqua Fit class.


12.30pm: This is when I had lunch. I had some bacon, eggs and tomato. This all comes to 6pp. I also had a greek yoghurt for 2pp

3pm: I go to sleep. I use the Mindifi Deep Sleep app to help me get a few hours sleep.


6pm: I wake up and have some tea. Today I had some salmon in a creamy asparagus sauce. This came to 9pp.

7pm: Watch Ghost Adventures. If any show if bound to keep you up at night, it’s this one! I’m watched the Poveglia Island Special tonight. So creepy! I watch this whilst putting my makeup on.

8pm: I leave for work. See you in the morning!

Bye for now!




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