My MAC lipstick collection


Hi guys! How are you all today?

Today, I want to share my MAC lipstick collection. I have seven MAC lipsticks and I do use them all for different occasions. I have swatched all of these too if you do want to know what these actually look like outside of the bullet.

MAC Lustre: Syrup


This is my newest MAC lipstick. It is a gorgeous pale nude pink shade. It’s perfect for more no-makeup makeup days and for days when you have more colour on the eyes. I love it.

MAC Lustre: Viva Glam V


This was my very first MAC lipstick. It looks a dark neutral with rose gold undertones on my skin, but I have known this to look pinker on other people. It’s a gorgeous glossy lipstick for an everyday makeup look.

MAC Amplified: Full On Fuchsia


Full On Fuchsia is perhaps my scariest shade on here. It’s a very bright pink with blue undertones, so it makes teeth look whiter. It’s a lovely one to wear on nights out since the colour does last a long time on the lips. I tend to wear this with a more neutral eye look.

MAC Satin: Captive


Captive has a gorgeous finish. These do last a long time on my lips and have a lovely satin finish without looking too glossy. This is a lovely dark nude with a hint of berry shade. It’s a nice wearable colour for during the day.

MAC Cream Sheen: Mystical


I could not resist this lipstick for it’s packaging. It’s absolutely gorgeous! This was limited edition, and this, to me is a slightly darker version of Viva Glam V, although there’s bound to be another lipstick in the collection similar to it. It’s a really pretty everyday neutral.

MAC Amplified: Girl About Town


This is my favourite MAC lipstick. It’s the one that I whip out the most when I want a bit more colour on my lips. Like Full On Fuchsia, this has blue undertones and lasts a long time on the lips. This one is just slightly less bright, making it a more wearable daytime shade.

MAC Amplified: Fast Play


Fast Play is a really pretty, highly pigmented nude shade. This is ideal for days where you are wearing a lot of colour elsewhere on the face but still want your lips to have some colour. It applies beautifully and is really long lasting too. Love it!

Those are all my MAC lipsticks guys. I’m bound to buy more in the future, but probably not for a while. Have you seen my lipstick collection? I will do a list like this for my Bare Minerals lipsticks; I have a few more of them!

Bye for now!




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6 Responses to My MAC lipstick collection

  1. Great post – the Captive one looks amazing 🙂 xx

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  2. I’ve not heard of Mystical before, that looks like such a pretty shade xx

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  3. Ena says:

    I love Captive!

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