My High End Lipstick Collection


Like a lot of beauty bloggers, I have a lot of lipsticks. I do have more drugstore ones than high end, however the higher end lipsticks are a lot more special and mean more to me.

Today, I thought that I would share with you my high end lipstick collection and swatch them as well as saying what my favourite shade is in each collection if there is more than one.

All swatches have been done left to right.



Hot Gossip, Full Fuschia, Captive, Fast Play, Girl About Town, Mystical, Viva Glam V, Syrup

I have a lot of MAC lipsticks! They are one of my favourite formulas for their creamy application and staying power. The colours are highly pigmented. You’re certainly getting your money’s worth with these little guys.

Favourite: Captive or Girl About Town


34, 31

These are beautiful. Te packaging is gorgeous, as is the product itself. They have a very pigmented, glossy finish. I have two bright colours and I may buy a darker one for the winter one day.

Favourite: 34


Mulberry, Electric Pink, Femme Fatale

I love Smashbox lipsticks. They are some of my favourite matte formulas. Again, these have a high pigment, and have an amazing staying quality that will last a few hours without the need to top up.

Favourite: Mulberry

Bare Mineralswpid-2015-10-06-15.39.51.jpg.jpeg

Never Say Never, Get Ready, Call The Shots, Live Large, Feel The Love, Raise the Bar, Lead the way, Speak Your Mind

Oh Bare Minerals! You’re glossy lipsticks are my downfall! I have a lot of these and I love them all. They have a very creamy formula and a super glossy finish. They pigment is beautiful and very wearable. There is something in this collection for everyone!

Favourite: Get Ready


Talk Flirty, Dare Me

These are my most sheer High End lipstick. They have a natural glossy finish with just a hint of colour. They are really gorgeous.

Favourites: Talk Flirty

Urban Decay


This is such a pretty everyday lipstick. I love the creamy texture, it’s high pigment and glossy finish. It is beautiful!


08- I think!

This lipstick is really old but still ok. It’s my interview lipstick for when I was looking for teaching jobs. It’s a lot sheerer than I remember, but this was my big girl lipstick back in my university days. Te colour is very long-lasting too!

Bobbi Brownwpid-2015-10-06-15.37.58.jpg.jpeg

Red Carpet

Do I need to say more about this lipstick. I love it, let’s leave it there. I do want more of these formulas though.


Berry Pop, Plum Pop

The latest editions to the collection. I am loving Clinique as a brand lately (especially since they replied to one of my tweets). The colour pop lipsticks are very beautifully packaged and the product is really long-lasting for a glossy formula. They are beautiful.

Favourite: Plum Pop

Estee Lauder


Bois de Rose, Defiant Coral

Estee Lauder are not my favourite brand, but I do like some of their lipsticks. They are very creamy and feel very nourishing on the lips. I can think of other lipsticks that I prefer though.

Favourite: Defiant Coral



Anna, Rita

I’ll finish off on one of the more luxurious brands. These are some of the most expensive lipsticks that I own, but I don’t regret spending that on a lipstick that I use. Nars’ lipsticks are beautiful, and the Audacious range is amazing! They are really highly pigmented and last a long time.

Favourite: Anna

And that is my high end lipstick collection. Which are your favourites?


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I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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4 Responses to My High End Lipstick Collection

  1. I’m addicted to lippies! Very interesting…thanks for the post!

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  2. Lauren says:

    This made me want to buy a Nars audacious! I’ve been wanting to try one for so long now they look so beautiful in the swatches

    Liked by 1 person

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