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Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals Review


If I could choose my ultimate favourite group of makeup items it would be eyeshadows. Eyes are my favourite part to play with when I do my own makeup, let alone anybody else’s. I am a sucker for an eyeshadow palette. Clinique came out with these limited edition eyeshadow palettes a few months ago and I have loved the look of them since.


I have wanted the ‘Nudes’ Palette for a long time but it’s always been sold out. Well after hunting through both Debenhams and Boots I found a one in House of Fraiser. Yippee!! I can now scratch this one off the wishlist!

So is it up to my expectations?


Compared to other Clinique eyeshadow palettes, these ones are very slimline and sleek. They would be great for travelling. It’s really beautiful.

You get eight eyeshadows in the palette; seven shimmer/satin finishes and one matte. I much prefer shimmery shades on my eyes, so this is a bonus for me. The matte shade will just be used in the crease of the eye.

The eyeshadow quality is amazing. They are really buttery and blend really well onto the eyelids without creasing during the day. There are two shades in here that are really similar to Nars’ Isolde Eyeshadow Duo, however I am getting six other beautiful shades for my £32.


All of the shades in this palette are wearable. There is not one that I wouldn’t use. That’s quite a statement to say about any eyeshadow palette. I am really impressed so far. If you are wanting them, I’d get ahold of them soon; they are limited edition!

What do you think of these eyeshadow palettes?

Bye for now!




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