How I Write My Blog Posts

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Every blogger has their own process for getting thoughts into published form. This just happens to be mine.

I usually get ideas from what’s in my makeup bag that month, brainstorming, or something that I’ve read. I have a little notebook in my bag if I happen to be out and about. I can scribble ideas down in that whilst having a Starbucks.

My note book tends to get a bit messy so if any ideas stand out among the blah that ends up on there, I’ll highlight it. Just so I know it is actually worth mentioning. This is usually handy if I’m doing a favourites post.

I will then take photos if they’re needed. Photos tend to make posts stand out, so I try to make them clear and pretty. For backgrounds, I’ve started using a lilac silk scarf that I picked up for Β£1 from a Vintage Fair. It’s a gorgeous colour and a nice background. I also use a brown one occasionally, but the lilac one is the most commonly used.

To edit photos, I use the Studio App on my Samsung Galaxy. It’s a very powerful took to change filters and make collages. I love playing about with it’s different effects. Still don’t think I’ve used them all!

I will then type something up onto Word Press. This may be a final draft, or I’ll change it if needs be over a few days. I’ll add the photos onto the draft post using the Word Press App on my Phone.

Once they’re on the post, I’ll play around with sizings and positioning until they’re where I want them to be.

Once I’m happy with everything, I’ll schedule the post; normally on a Saturday at 12pm; however, as you know, I’ll post throughout the week too!

And that is how I write my blog posts. How do you write yours?

Bye for now?



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