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The Day I Met Sophie Kinsella


Hi guys!

Oh my god, I forgot this video existed!

Okay, when I lived in London, one of my housemates worked for Benefit and she was kind enough to add me to the list of a VIP event to meet Sophie Kinsella at the launch of her newest book. I had read a fair few of her books prior and loved them. I remember being obsessed with Twenties Girl at the time.

So I went to the event and had a lovely time. Sophie is one of the lovliest people in the world. She really respects her fans and is very down to earth. It was a great experience meeting one of my favourite authors even though my hair is a disaster zone! It was quite a good talking point that I was wearing exactly the same dress as her PR agent (I still have said dress) and she wanted my bag and shoes (I also still have these).

As part of the event they asked some of us to speak about the books and what we thought of Sophie in general. This was for a launch video. I have not thought about this since this was taken. Until now….

I was looking through some old facebook stuff and I found the link to the launch video. Good grief I stick out like a sore thumb with my thick Geordie accent! However for your enjoyment I wanted to link the video here so that we can all laugh at my social awkwardness together. Since I can’t place videos straight into my blog I will link the video here.

Bye for now and enjoy the video!



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