Beauty Firsts Tag


I was perusing through some old Vivianna does Makeup videos the other day and came across this tag she created with Lilly Pebbles. I love it when these two collaborate.  It’s hilarity guaranteed.

I thought I would try my hand at their Beauty Firsts Tag. There won’t be any photos here really because half this stuff has long since gone on a journey.

1. What’s your earliest beauty memory?

My earliest beauty memory was probably wearing a Nivea Tinted Moisturiser for school and a brown Maybelline mascara. I think it was the Great Lash. I didn’t really pay attention to makeup until I hit sixth form.

2. What was your first beauty purchase?

My first actual beauty purchase came when I was 17. I had a bank card, and I wanted to wear makeup for school. My Mam said she would take me to the Clinique counter to get colour matched properly. I came out with a foundation  (the Superbalance), a Blue eyeshadow quad and a lipstick in the shade Baby Baby. They were my first beauty purchases.

3. When did you first wear makeup?

I started wearing proper makeup at 17, but was wearing tinted moisturiser from 15.

4. What was your first beauty disaster?

My first beauty disaster, I’ve actually mentioned in my Foundation story. It was when my Superbalance foundation began to eat my skin. Something happened and the great relationship I had with that product ended. I moved onto other, not necessarily better things until I was 24.

5. Who was your first beauty crush?

My first celebrity beauty crush was Sarah Chalke who played Elliot Reid in Scrubs. I loved her style from series two onwards. I even had my hair cut like her for a few years (a bob). I didn’t suit it as well as her.

6. What was your first brand crush?

Clinique. I bought a lot when I went to New York with my Mam and sister one year. The Bloomingdale’s ladies were so nice at that counter.

7. What’s your longest standing beauty love?

Oo this is a toughie. If I went from when I first started using makeup it would probably be Maybelline. It’s the only brand I can think of that I have used consistently over the years and still love.

I’m tagging anybody who reads this to try this out. It was harder than it looked!

Bye for now!




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