Current Skincare Routine


Hi guys!

It’s been a few months since I posted my skincare routine and I’ve added a few new things to the roundup, which I have been loving.

This is a bit Body Shop heavy, but I can’t help it; I love their skincare range!


The colder months bring on the joys of spots and blemishes. Usually when I first wake up I will apply a small drop of the Tee Tree Oil to any noticeable spots. This works really quick and dries spots up, and reduces any blemishes. It’s an amazing product.


Next I apply a moisturising product or two. On good skin days I usually just use the Vitamin E Overnight Serum Oil. It’s really moisturizing and soaks straight into the skin without leaving a claggy layer. If my skin is really dry I’ll use a small amount of the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream. I don’t want to use too much though, otherwise it can be moisture overkill!


Next, I do my lips and eyes. For eyes, I pat in small amounts of the Bare Minerals Mineralixirs Nourishing Eye Balm. As for lips, I first apply some lip scrub with a cotton bud, massaging it into the lips to remove any dead skin cells. I’m trying to use up my The Bomb Cosmetics Sherbert Lemon Lip Scrub at the moment. It’s not the best product, but it’s what I’ve got. I will then apply a moisturiser and I got this free at the Body Shop the other day and that’s the Dragon Fruit Lip Butter. It tastes and smells amazing! This also really nourishes the lips making them ideal for matte lipsticks.


And finally I’ll use my newest product, which is the Drops of Youth Concentrate. This is a really thick product but a little goes a long way. I tend to drop two drops on my hand and massage it into my skin. Although this does soak into the skin, it also leaves a slightly tacky finish to the skin making it an ideal primer for foundation. Since using this, I have noticed a huge difference in the lasting power of my foundations. So far, I’m loving this!

And that is my new skincare routine. What do you include in yours?

Bye for now!




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