First Impressions: Naked Skin Foundation

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Hi guys!

I’ve been having a nightmare with foundations at the moment! No matter what I do there’s been an issue with them. They’ve either been drying, streaky or cakey. Not great looks really. So I have packed up all of my foundations and went on a hunt for a new foundation (the Smashbox one that I love was currently in my suitcase).

I desperately needed a foundation that I could wear in this country, and since I already owned the Urban Decay Bare Skin Concealer, I thought that I would give the matching foundation a shot.

The lovely makeup artist matched me up to the shade 3.5, which is one of the more pinker toned shades. This cost £27, so pretty reasonable where higher end foundations are concerned.

You have to shake the bottle before use to keep the ingredients nice and mixed. Apparently some of them tend to separate.

I only needed two pumps to cover my entire face, and it gave me a medium coverage. On an average day, I could probably get away with wearing this alone without concealer. However, since my first wear of this was during a night shift; my face needed all the help it could get!

I used this with a buffing brush, and the finish was amazing and really flawless. I love it. And it survived most of the night without caking in any dry patches. Awesome!

I just hope the claim that it improved the skin with every wear rings true. I would love better feeling skin and no dry patches.

Have any of you tried this foundation? If you have, how are you finding it? I will do a full review next month, once I’ve worn it a bit more.

Bye for now!



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