Lipsticks Currently in My Makeup Bag



Lip products kinda accumulate in your makeup bag don’t they? You start the month with six in there and end up with a fair few more. I went in there attempting to find MAC’s ‘Plumful’ and realised how many blummin’ lipsticks I actually had in that giant Benefit bag at the moment! Once these are removed, the bag feels quite light.

As a quick little post I thought that I would list all of the lipsticks and lipglosses that are currently in this bag. I’ll leave the job of counting them up to you guys. I’m scared to!wpid-20151102_185303.jpg

The Glosses

Tanya Burr Lipgloss- I found Nemo

Revlon Colorburst Lip Crayons- Crush, Romantic, Coquette, Enticing

Bare Minerals Top Coat Creme

Nars Lipgloss- Baby Doll

Freedom Pro Melts- UpΒ wpid-20151102_185409.jpg

The Mattes

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte- Red Carpet

Smashbox Be Legendary- Femme Fatale, Matte Mauve

Revlon Colorburst Lip Crayons- Elusive, Fiery

Urban Decay Matte Revolution- Tiltwpid-20151102_185442.jpg

The High Enders

MAC- Captive, Hot Gossip, Plumful

Clinique Pop Lip Colour- Berry Pop, Plum Pop

Urban Decay Revolution- Bang!, Fiend


TheΒ Still Testing

Freedom Β Pro Lipstick- You Had Me at Hello,Juicy Lips,Adorn, True Power, Game On!wpid-20151102_185515.jpg

The Drugstore

GOSH Velvet Touch- Lady Luck

So how many were there? How many lip products currently reside in your makeup bag?

Bye for now!



12 comments on “Lipsticks Currently in My Makeup Bag”

  1. I have waaaaay too many! And I only regularly use 5-6. I use the others on my mum and sister, so that warrants buying more… right? πŸ˜›

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      1. Haha yea. Think at my worst I had ten lippie products rolling in my bag. They were all the same type of colour too which was weird! Back in the days were nude was the only thing that I wore x

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