Holiday Diaries Part 2


Hi guys.
It’s the last full day in Cyprus for me and my family so I’m writing my holiday diary now. It’s been fun and it’s had its ups and downs but I’ve loved it.

Day 4


Now on the afternoon I started to have a funny turn. I don’t know if it was a full blown panic attack but I was in a dark mood. But I could still control it.

We went to a sports bar and café near the hotel for a light lunch. Me and Laura were ok with our pitta bread toasties. Mam however had the biggest jacket potato we have seen in our lives!

On the night we went to an iris bar for a few drinks.

Day 5


This is were I felt awful and mam and Laura noticed. I try to keep my anxiety to myself but I haven’t had moments alone to vent so it kinda seeped out and lashed out at them. I hate myself for it. But it happened.

Anyway, we went to coral bay and chilled out for the morning. It was peaceful but I was feeling agitated and wanted to be moving about. I honestly hate sunbathing. It’s boring, which didn’t help things.

On the evening we had our buffet and I finally broke down. The good thing is mam now understands how I feel at those ‘grumpy’ moments and has agreed to come see the doctor with me. Laura was her lovely supportive baby sister self.

We spent the night drinking wine and watching Serendipity in our room.

Day 6


Yesterday, we visited the markets. This was pretty cool and had some nice crafty shops. I bought a candle stand made from blown glass. Very pretty and I will photograph it in use at home.

We found a cute family run cafe with the loveliest owner ever. We’re going back tonight for meze. He looked after us, bringing extra pitta bread and a glass of water when I choked. Really lovely people.

We came back and enjoyed grill night then went back to the irish bar. There was a gorgeous sunset that night too. So romantic if you do have someone special in your life.

Day 7


So this is our last full day. We plan to catch some last rays of sun in the morning. I have youtube and a few books so I should be ok. Then in the afternoon we’re catching the bus to go to that meze restaurant.  It looked amazing when other people had it so it should be a good night.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and I’ll see you vack in England on Monday. Bye for now!


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I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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  1. realshady007 says:

    woah…How is Cyprus?

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