Urban Decay Naked Palette Comparison


Hi guys!

Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness. I love them and I think that they’re great value for money. They’re also great for makeup artists since you have access to several shades at once.

A truly cult group of eyeshadow palettes are the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I have owned the Naked 3 and 2 for a while now (I’m onto my second Naked 2 since my sister stole and broke my original). There are four palettes in the collection and each of them cost £38.

The shade ranges are mostly neutrals, and very buttery, blendable and stunning on the eyelids. Each palette is different, and since these are quite an expensive purchase, I wanted to compare them for you all today.


Naked (original): This was the first palette to be released. It is in slightly different packaging to the others, being felt. The eyeshadows themselves are warmer in tone and have a mixture of mattes and satin finishes. This is a great one for those who don’t like glitter on the lids, but want that touch of shimmer.


Naked 2: This palette is in a metal tin. Unlike the original palette though, this one is mainly cooler toned eyeshadows and includes a black matte shade for lining purposes. There are only two matte shades in this palette, so if you do like to use brown matte shades in your crease, you will need another palette. I love the shade selection in this palette though. It’s a great one for Winter.


Naked 3: I have had this one the longest, and as you can tell from the photo, it’s well loved and quite grubby. Naked 3 has a lot of rose gold eyeshadows, and a lot of glitter. There are a few more mattes in this palette, so it’s a good all-rounder with something to please everyone.


Naked Smoky: This is the newest palette. As the name suggests, this is awesome for anyone who loves a good smoky eye. There are still a few neutral shadows, but this is a great one for building up intense eyeshadow looks. There are four matte and eight satin finish eyeshadows. This is stunning, and I love the packaging. So pretty!

I can’t answer which is my favourite Naked palette now since I have only recently became acquainted to Smoky and the original, but I will let you know which is my favourite in a post one of these days.

Let me know which is your favourite Naked Palette though. I’d love to hear your opinions.

Bye for now!




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I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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3 Responses to Urban Decay Naked Palette Comparison

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    it’s so cool that you have all of them! my favorite is the first naked – half baked and toasted are amazing 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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