My Candle Collection

Hi guys!

I love a good candle. My room is full of them. And the majority of them are scented candles. I have ten in total. That’s a lot of smells at one time; but they all compliment each other really well.

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My large Village Candle is a gorgeous, sweet caramel-tasting scent. I love burning this one on it’s own. I bought this from Fizzylicious, a locally run company, but I know a fair few places around the country do stock Village Candles as a cheaper alternative to Yankee Candles.

The three small ones were bought in a craft fair and are made by a company called Waxarama. These smell beautiful and have a total of 12hours of burn time in them. I love these ones.

Two more scented candles are from Busy Bee. These are locally made in Durham and are the strongest candles of the bunch. I love the tin packaging. The two I have are very Christmassy and remind me of Christmas morning.

I do have one unscented candle, which was bought in a craft fair last year. Unfortunately she wasn’t around this year so I could repurchase any others. I’m sure these were called African Candles. Each one is unique and handpainted in Africa. Mine has been burned down to the base, so I place a tea light inside it now to get a pretty orange glow.

My other tinned scented candle hasn’t been lit yet. I got this one off my sister for my birthday. It’s from Daisy Bouquet and does smell amazing. I’ll save this one for after the others have burned down. I can’t wait to light it though!

The final two candles are actually oil burners. But they have candles in them and are scented, so they count. Again, these are from Fizzylicious and have quite a vast selection of scents that melt really quickly. I love the Pink Marshmallow one, and always buy that one around about Spring time.

And those are all of my candles. Which scents have you got burning this time of year?

Bye for now!




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I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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2 Responses to My Candle Collection

  1. Eeeek I love candles SO much at this time of year … I also LOVE Village Candles SO much!

    Saira xo

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