My Makeup Bag is Retiring

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I have had this makeup bag since the beginning of my blog days. As much as I love it, the zip is beginning to go, and I don’t want my makeup to split out and get lost. It has been amazing and has held all of the makeup that I have wanted to wear over that month; and I can’t be vexed that it’s now breaking, it was a free gift.

Anyway, this bag is now retiring for a new one. I hope that this one lasts just as long, because it did cost me Β£15. I have bought the very pretty rose gold makeup bag from the Zoella collection.

At first glance, it looks a lot smaller than my Benefit bag, but my general rule for buying an everyday makeup bag is if it fits my Urban Decay Naked palette in the base, it’s big enough.

This actually fits all four Naked palettes, plus the Vice 4 (which I use as a mirror) plus all my other bits and pieces at one time without over-filling. I’m actually really impressed with it. Also with it being taller, rather than wider, it fits in my wicker basket a lot easier too.

I just really hope this lasts the test of time.

Bye for now!




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