31 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 1



Hi guys!

Happy New Year. What are your resolutions?

This month I’m going to do some mini 7am posts as well as my larger post at 12pm, so you’re getting double of me every day. I thought this would be a way to get to know me better as well as kicking off 2016 with a bang.

I found this challenge on Google, and thought that I’d give it a shot.

Day 1: Self portrait and 5 random facts about yourself

So above is my self portrait where I stare soullessly at the camera. What five facts can I share publicly on the internet?

  1. I hate coleslaw. I think this dates back to secondary school when a tub that I’d made for cookery class emptied into my bag and stunk for the rest of the day. If some makes it onto my plate I can always tell. It makes me gag. It just tastes awful.
  2. I like writing. In a day of technological advances I still love writing things in paper diaries and notebooks.
  3. I love scented candles.Β I love sweet scents mostly, but do like the occasional floral one.
  4. I have one sister who got engaged at Christmas. I actually cried tears of joy when she announced her engagement.
  5. Said engagement was followed my having the shit scared out of me by her fiance leaving his Joker statue lying on my bed as a prank. I screamed the house down; mam thought it was a spider. Nope. Just an immobile creepy grinning statue in my bed.

So here’s today’s challenge. I will post the next one tomorrow at 7am.

Bye for now!



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