Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Review

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As part of my final makeup splurge I bought this gorgeous mascara.

I have been a bit late to the hype of Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup collection and I do love some of the makeup. I must admit the packaging is to die for. I love the old Art Nouveau style and the packaging reminds me so much of this style.

This mascara is called Full Fat Lashes. Charlotte describes this as The One mascara that you will need. It will curl, separate, volumize, lengthen and dramatise your lashes. I have been promised this in mascaras in the past and have been disappointed, so I did want to see if this relatively cheap mascara was any different. This retails at £22.

I must admit in Charlotte’s Youtube tutorials, the models do look amazing. And I love how she only ever uses her mascara to enhance the lashes. No falsies are ever applied. It’s pretty good advertising for us skimpy lashed gals.

So I purchased this and gave it a whirl.

Does it curl? I did help my lashes a bit with a eyelash curler, but this mascara did make my lashes look more curled than normal and actually held the curl.

Does it separate the lashes? Short answer; yes it does. My lashes did fan out and look natural. This also worked very well on my lower lashes without smudging and clumping too.

Does it volumize? I must admit that I didn’t notice a huge difference in volume to my lashes. They still looked quite natural, also there was something subtly different about them.

Does it lengthen? Yes. Oh god yes! This added much needed length to my skimpy lashes. This actually made them stand out alongside my winged liner for the above image.

Does it dramatise? I do feel that this gave my lashes new life which is pretty dramatic for me when it comes to lashes! I have also notices that I got a pretty fluttery effect to my lashes. Pretty awesome stuff.

So is it the one? It’s certainly a contender. I do love this mascara, but I will need to wear it a few more times to be sure, although I’m pretty certain that it will be a future repurchase once this tube dries up.

So what is your favourite mascara at the moment?

Bye for now!




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