Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Review



I received a Liz Earle gift set from my Mam for Christmas. This is something I used years ago before my original blogging days and loved it.

The Cleanse and Polish is a cream cleanser that you massage into your skin and eyelids to remove your makeup. Unlike the micellar cleansing waters, this one requires to be washed away with a muslin cloth and warm water to leave squeaky clean skin.

Honestly, I can’t say a bad thing about this. It’s an amazing product to use at night before any other night treatments.

I massage two pumps of this into my skin, rubbing gently at my eyes to help the product work at stubborn mascaras and eyeliner. I then add a touch of water to help the product work. After this I dampen my muslin cloth with some warm water from the tap, and wipe away the cleanser. Amazingly quick and super effective! This technique will remove everything, and I mean everything! I found that it works really well at removing waterproof mascaras too. It truly is an awesome product.

As for skin clarity, my skin feels a lot healthier, and my stubborn dry patches have reduced after just a week of using this (of course it could be a combined effort with all of my nighttime routines). Some cleansers I do find can damage the skin and make it drier. Being a cream, this helps nourish the skin as it cleans it.

For only £15.50, this is a wonderful cleanser. If you haven’t tried it, I strongly recommend it.

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