The Foundations in My Life Right Now



Hopefully by the time this gets published, I’ll have thought of a better name for this. But for now, these are the foundations in my life.

I keep all the foundations that I’m currently not using in a clear zippy bag along with some bronzer palettes and concealers. I don’t have many foundations but there are a few.

Today I wanted to share my general thoughts on each one, and mention whether any are worth repurchasing.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

This foundation is a really easy to wear mineral foundation. It gives light to full coverage depending on how many layers you apply. I have had this in varying different shades and have already repurchased this several times in my years of using this. This is definitely one that I will keep repurchasing.

Smashbox BB Water Foundation

This foundation was a strange one. It came out around about the time that every company seemed to develop a pipet foundation. This one had the added benefit of having SPF 30 in it. All I will say is that I took this one to Cyprus and my skin burned so badly. I ended up switching to another one without SPF and I was fine. Very weird, but I really didn’t like this for hot countries. It was fine over here giving a light to medium coverage. I won’t be repurchasing however. I can think of better foundations.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

This foundation is a nice one. I haven’t used it recently because my skin still has a bit of colour in it. It’ll be making a reappearance soon though. This gives a lovely medium coverage and has a nice dewy finish. It does last a long time on the skin although will fade slightly around the t-zone. This being said, I may repurchase this one.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Foundation

This is technically a tinted moisturiser but gives enough coverage to be counted for this list. This is a bit of a hit and miss product. This looks amazing on low maintenance days where I don’t want too much coverage. It’s very hydrating and keeps the skin from drying. However I can’t wear this every day because there comes a point where the skin can’t hold that much moisture and it begins to show on the skin. I need to swap to another foundation for a few days whilst my moisture levels in the skin return to normal. I will repurchase this for dry skin days though since it doesn’t sit on dry patches.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

This is a medium to full coverage foundation with a semi-matte finish on my skin. This is a great foundation that lasts a long time on the skin. I have mentioned this one a fair bit in the past so I will leave it there. This current bottle is my third, so it’s safe to say that I will repurchase this.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

This foundation gives light to medium coverage but can be layered nicely to full coverage. This does help improve skin quality which is always a bonus. On the skin it looks semi-matte with a hint of dewiness. It’s simply stunning. I will repurchase this because it looks so flawless and beautiful on the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

A magic foundation? This is a truly full coverage foundation. And it deserves the name Magic because it covers everything from blemishes to fine lines. It’s amazing and doesn’t look heavy on the skin either. This will be a repurchase.

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation

This was my favourite foundation for a long time. This, like all the Bare Minerals foundations can be built up to whatever coverage you would like. It does have a matte finish and looks really nice on the skin. This is a compact foundation so it’s a nice size for travelling. I have repurchased this about five times so it’s a safe bet that I will repurchase this again.

And those are all of the foundations in my life right now. Which ones do you use more than the others? Or do you only have one foundation that you use religiously?

Bye for now!



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