Tip of the Week- How to Clean Makeup Brushes


There’s nothing more satisfying than a brand new, clean makeup brush. Unfortunately they don’t stay clean for long. All brushes need cleaning…. unless of course you’re made of money and can afford a new brush kit for every day of the year! For us working girls, brush cleaning is essential.

This removes bacteria from your brushes and should be done weekly. I’ll be the first to admit that I often forget to do this.

Naughtiness aside, this is how I clean my makeup brushes.

  1. Dampen the brush under a warm tap first.
  2. Apply washing up liquid/shampoo to your hand and swirl the brush in it.
  3. Once a lather has built up continue to swirl the brush in your hand under the water.
  4. Repeat these steps until the water in the sink runs clear.
  5. Dry brush on a towel then wrap in a piece of tissue. Sounds weird but I got this tip from MannyMUA. It holds the shape of your brushes.
  6. Leave for a day in airing cupboard, or somewhere that stays relatively dry.
  7. Take out of airing cupboard and remove from tissue.

How do you clean your brushes? Using washing up liquid may not be recommended, but I find that it leaves my brushes feeling very soft.

Bye for now!



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