30 Days of Bare Minerals Day and Night Treatment

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Hi guys!

You all know how funny I can get adding new skincare items to my regime. I will only try new things out if they have amazing reviews from people with similar skin tones to myself, or if I genuinely think that they could make a difference.

I have watched a few Love Shelbey videos on Youtube where she mentions these two products in her skincare routine at times (mostly the Night Treatment). She has very dry skin that doesn’t break out so I tend to trust her recommendations when it comes to skincare. I don’t really break out apart from that annoying area between my brows, but that’s only ever after a waxing.

One thing that has put me off trying these in the past is the price. Usually these cost £45 each! That’s a lot to spend on something that I didn’t know a lot about. However, I was surprised to see them in Beauty UK (a local discount store that sells makeup at a fraction of the price in the high street). Yes, I know sometimes the stuff in there is approaching it’s sell-by dates blah blah blah…. but I’ve had no issues with the makeup.

So I saw these two products selling for just under £20 each and bought them. It worked out cheaper than buying them on the high street.

Since I am so funny with skincare, I didn’t want to review this after a few tries. I’m going to keep a ‘diary’ and record what my skin looks like at the end of each week. So sorry if this is a long post, but I wanted to give it a full review.


Day 1

Okay, so I applied the Day Treatment after my usual moisturising routine using the little kabuki brush that comes with it. This applies pretty much the same as the Original foundation so I managed to apply it pretty evenly. I did notice that my foundation went on a bit better after applying this, and I couldn’t really see my pores. I’ll keep trying it out anyway to see it it makes a difference.

On the night, I applied my usual serums and such. The brush on this one comes inside the pot and is quite compact. I tried swirling this on my face in a buffing motion but the brush makes it tricky to do that so it sort of congealed on my face. I may need to read up on how to apply this properly. The result was a pretty dry face in the morning. I’ll see how I get on after reading about it.

Day 7

It’s been seven days with both treatments. I’m not using as much product as I was on the first day and it’s working a lot better. My skin is looking a lot clearer and my cheeks have been less rosy. I haven’t noticed any breakouts, but I do have a tea tree exfoliator for when I am in the shower.

So far so good!

Day 14

So it’s been two weeks and my skin is feeling pretty good. I have noticed that my pores are less noticeable when I have applied makeup, and my skin feels fresher. The red patch has come back though, but I don’t know whether that has to do with the very cold weather or the product. I’ll see what happens next week.

Day 21

I popped in to see the girls at the Metro Centre to see where I have been going wrong with this. I feel like I am using too much, but I don’t actually know how to use this. Cath advised me to use the night time one as my last step, but don’t use as much. As for the daytime one, use after primer. I have started doing this this week, as it’s a lot better. Makeup isn’t flaking and my pores aren’t as noticeable. Excellent. Fingers crossed the final week shows further improvement.

Day 28

Cath’s tips have helped. I now use the daytime one after my primer to blot my face. It does help my foundation apply a lot nicer. As a skin treatment though, I haven’t noticed a great difference apart from the pores around my cheeks have reduced in size. As for the night treatment, this seems to be having more success and calming the redness down in my skin on a night, but my skin still feels very dry on a morning. I have reduced the amount that I am using and it hasn’t made that much of a difference.

My Final Thoughts…

Really, I have experimented with this quite a bit and haven’t found a way for this to work with my skin as of yet. I haven’t noticed a great change in my skin so I will have to keep trying this and feed back if anything changes. Does anybody have any tips on how to use this? They would be greatly appreciated.

Bye for now!



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