Clinique Pop Lip Colour Review



Hi guys!

I have had these lipsticks for a long time and have never done an actual review of them. I’m really surprised at myself!

Anyway, since this is March of the Lipsticks, I thought that it would be best to fit in at least one review. Since I haven’t actually reviewed these, it sounded a good plan to write about these!

My first ever lipstick purchase was from Clinique. I had the shade ‘Baby Baby’ and loved it. Clinique lipsticks were my first favourites and were the only hydrating lipstick brand that worked with my awkward skin.

About a year or two ago, Clinique launched their Pop Lip Colour collection. These are a collection of vibrant lipsticks meant to be a pop of colour in your makeup routine. There are 23 different shades and they retail at £16.

These lipsticks are demi-matte in their finish. They do have a slight glossy finish, but dry down to a more matte lipstick for the rest of the day. They are advertised to keep the lips hydrated for up to eight hours and are quite long lasting.

I have six colour pop lipsticks and I love them all. They are very hydrating and apply beautifully. As for being long-lasting…. it depends on the day. On some days I can wear these and they last for hours. On others they last until I have a drink. But even then I am left with a slight stain to the lips.


From top to bottom, left to right: Plum Pop, Berry Pop, Rebel Pop, Cherry Pop, Raspberry Pop, Kiss Pop

I know the lip swatches aren’t the greatest, but the light was fading in my room.

With there being 23 shades, there will be something for everyone. The majority are very vibrant colours, but there are one or two nudes in their for more neutral lip lovers. The whole collection can be viewed here if you would like to see if there are colours that take your fancy.

So what are your thoughts on these lippies? Which ones are in your collection? Let me know.

Bye for now!



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