The Beauty Bloggers Lovers Tag

Hi guys!

I was tagged by Rossy from ArY Galaxy to take part in this tag. I think I’ve done it before, but opinions do change, and it’s nice to update things once in a while. Rossy’s blog is awesome if you are looking for a new blog to read.


So the rules for this tag are:

  1. Replace my answers with yours
  2. Tag other beauty bloggers

So here we go with these questions……

1. Which beauty blogger would you like to do your makeup?

I would want Jaclyn Hill to do my makeup. Her looks look amazing and so glamorous. She sounds like such a laugh and an amazing friend too when she speaks on camera. I think it would be nice to have my makeup done by her.

2. Which beauty blogger do you want to be your best friend?

I already have a best friend and I don’t want a replacement. But I couldn’t choose just one person to be my friend from WordPress. I have met some awesome people on here and I would love to meet you if possible, but it’s nice just to comment on each other’s blogs and find out what everyone is up to.

3. Which beauty blogger would you have a secret affair with?

I would want to go out with Phil Lester from Amazing Phil. I have a huge crush on him but it’s quite frightening how similar I am to him. I just think we’d really get along.

4. Which beauty blogger would you like to go on a shopping spree with?

I would go on a shopping spree with Bethany from Polished Couture. She has a amazing makeup collection and it would be nice shopping with another makeup blogger.

5. Which beauty blogger could convince you not to buy something you’ve always wanted?

Probably Tati from Youtube. I always respect her opinion on things. If she says that something is crap, it probably is. Her reviews are so thorough and she does a full 24 hour test. Not many beauty bloggers do that.

6. Which beauty bloggers stash would you like to transplant into your room?

I want Wayne Goss’ makeup collection. He has so many beautiful things!

7. What are the top three items a beauty blogger has talked you into buying?

Vivianna Does makeup: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

Lily Pebbles: MAC’s Petina

Jaclyn Hill: Becca’s Shimmering Face Perfector in Champagne Pop.

8. What are the top three items a beauty blogger talked you out of getting?

I haven’t really been talked out of buying anything. I’d rather try things for myself first.


I Nominate:

Que Sarah Sarah

Pretty, Plus and Proud

Bethany Dean




… or anybody else who would like to answer them, feel free.


Have fun ladies x


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