Spring Candle Set Up: Village Candles

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Hi guys!

I’ve had my Christmas scented candles burning for quite a while and as it leads into Spring I was quite relieved for them to finally reach their end. They were getting a little too musky for the warmer days.

I decided to replace them with these little beauties from Fizzylicious. I bought three tea light holders in a light gold and bronze colour to match my wallpaper and filled them with three votive candles from Village candle; Fields of CloverΒ and Summer Breeze. These are both very fresh scents that didn’t overpower my tiny bedroom. They are also the perfect size for the tea light holders.

I also wanted a larger candle to keep at the back as a larger statement piece. But this one is still a really pretty fresh scent. I bought the Rain candle. AS this is such a big candle, I wanted one that would smell nice no matter how long it took to burn down.

These three scents together make my room smell lovely.

What sort of candles do you like in your home?

Bye for now!




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