Pretty Nail Polish Shades for Spring


On my days off I love wearing nail polish. It’s something that can make dull nails look that bit healthier and prettier.

My favourite companies to buy nail polishes from are mostly drugstore, but I still enjoy indulging in the occassional Nails Inc. Polish.

Here are some of my favourites.


Rimmel have recently released a new range of Super Gel nail polishes. These are in really pretty shades for Spring and once dry are very long-lasting. Although they do take a long time to dry! I have the shade Grape Sorbet, which would be nice to wear for work if you can in your career.

Another shade that I love from Rimmel is from the Lycra Pro collection. It is a pretty teal shade called Stormy Skies. Again, this formula is really long-lasting and does dry pretty quick.

Barry M

Barry M is probably my ultimate favourite nail polish creator. They have a vast range of shades and finishes. I love the Quick Dry Nail Paints. These were released last year and Barry M have since been adding more pastel shades to the range. My favourites are Pole Position (mint green) and Need for Speed (lilac). When Barry M say these are quick drying, they mean it!

Another gorgeous collection for Spring with brighter shades in it are the Gelly Shines. These are super pretty and are quite a long-lasting formula. You don’t need to many coats for the finish to be opaque either. My two favourites are Kiwi and Sky Blue.  The only unfortunate thing about these polishes is that they take an age to dry. So don’t apply if you’re in a rush!

The final range that I love for Spring is the Daylight Curing range. The shade Can’t get you Outta my Red is very bright and pretty. It’s a nice shade for toes or feet. I love it, and this formula is pretty quick to dry, although it does take slightly longer than the Quick Dry ones.

Nails Inc.

Nails Inc. have some gorgeous shades, and they’re always changing things around depending on the current trends. My only gripe is that some of the wands are pretty thin which makes painting a nail pretty awkward. However, I do like the finish of the Gel Effect Polishes, and they do have some pretty shades ready for the Spring. The shade Mayfair Lane is gorgeous, if you have a lot of patience to get it evenly laid on the nail.

Body Shop

Body Shop have released some really pretty shades as part of their new Colour Crush revamp. Most are on the dark side but a few do pop out as Spring shades. My Favourites were included in the Essie Button nail kit. I love the shade Deeply in Love. It’s a pretty bright plum shade. It’s stunning on the nails.

So those are some of my favourites for Spring. What are your favourites?

Have a lovely day guys!



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