Fortune Favours the Brave Review



All of you know how much I love an eyeshadow palette. I absolutely adore different shades and experimenting with blending them together. I love it! And when I saw the swatches of this palette on Instagram I had to have it!

Makeup Revolution is quite a cheap brand, but some of their items do have quite a high quality stamp on them. I love their eyeshadow palettes; for drugstore quality, they have some of the most creamy shadows out there.

This is the Fortune Favours the Brave palette. It retails at Β£9.99 at Superdrug and you get 30 eyeshadows for your money ranging from neutrals to green and purple. Soit pretty much is me in a palette! This is a collab with BritishBeautyBlogger, who I will admit, I haven’t heard of, but she has worked really hard with makeup Revolution to create a very useable palette.

The majority of the shades in here are ideal for everyday looks, and can be matched up with the darker shades for more dramatic evening looks. It truly is an amazing palette.

You do get a tiny brush in here, which is rubbish but the rest of the palette is great; you get a giant mirror in here, which is something that I wish other palettes would have!


I have swatched all the shades, and they do have names, but I have lost the sheet which had the names on. But my swatches do go in the order that they appear in the palette from left to right.Β The shades are just as creamy as the others and have pretty decent staying power. There is a mixture of mattes, satin and shimmery shades, so it is pretty versatile for a drugstore palette. I really really love it!

Top Row


SecondΒ Row


Third Row


Fourth Row


In my dual eyeliner look, I used a lot of the two middle rows to recreate the golden eyeshadow part of the eye look.


What are your thoughts on the palette? Is it something that you would use?

Bye for now!



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