Worth the Hype?


As my concealers begin to dwindle down I thought that it was time to try out a cult favourite. Bobbi Brown concealers are a favourite among beauty lovers for the creamy texture and the yellow undertones. Since I have been getting a lot of redness in my face lately, courtesy of a certain face wipe, I decided to give this one a try.

I went for the Concealer Compact which comes with a setting powder. It’s always handy to keep them both together for travelling.

This retails at £25. You can get the concealer separate for only £19 if the setting powder isn’t something that you’re interested in. It comes in 13 shades which cover a fair amount of skin tones. I have the shade beige, which is just a tiny bit lighter than my foundation to use for brightening my under eye area.

This product is designed to camouflage dark circles. It is advertised to be a creamy consistency that can be blended with either fingers or brushes.

My personal preference is to use this with my fingers. I find that it warms the product up nicely, allowing it to smoothly apply onto my face. This concealer has good coverage and does an awesome job at hiding redness and dark circles around my eyes. It does last a fair amount of time throughout the day; actually surviving a vigorous workout at the gym one day!


So is this worth the hype? Definitely.

If you are looking for a new under-eye concealer, give this one a try?

Bye for now!



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