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Some of you may has noticed that my skin went through a pretty dramatic phase last month. My eyes were puffy and had weird dry scabs over them and I had a weird red patch of dry scaly skin along my cheek bones. This may have been caused by the face wipe, but I do think more was going on with my skin. Maybe Eczema flared up once again. I really don’t know.

The whole thing brought a halt to my Charlotte Tilbury Dupes series, which will continue as soon as I have a day off.

I have used a fair few items to try and bring my skin back to it’s usual state. I can’t praise one thing in particular as I do believe each thing had it’s own role to play. So here are some of the things that have helped my skin return to normal.

Hydrocortisone 1% Ointment

After three weeks of having really sore skin and eyes I went to the doctor. Really this should have been my first call but I’m a really silly girl and thought that I could handle it on my own. I was prescribed this and had to apply this three times a day to my face and eyelids. This did help a little and really reduced the dryness a lot. However, I was left with quite wrinkly under eyes. And some of the dryness still persisted. The ointment really did help but it’s not a miracle cure for dry skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Cream

Yep. I caved. I bought this product after seeing it on my email feed for weeks. This costs £45. I really prayed that this bugger would work. I found that applying this after the hydrocortisone around the socket line of my eye helped tighten up my eyelids, removing the wrinkly eyelids left behind. I have had no stinging sensation with this either, which is always a bonus. This pot will last me ages too; it’s so rich and creamy, I only need a tiny amount for each eye. It’s truly amazing stuff worth every penny.

Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water

This is an oil cleanser designed to remove even waterproof makeup. One of my friends suggested using oils on dry skin to help rehydrate it. I replaced my face wipes with this and noticed my skin felt more hydrated on a night time after using this. I don’t use it on my eyes as it can make my eyes water, however this does wonders for removing foundation. Even though it’s an oil-based product, my skin doesn’t feel greasy afterwards.


My local Boots FINALLY stocks this! This is such a hyped up product in the beauty world. I really wanted to see this in action. I don’t like it so much for removing foundation, but I love this for taking off my eye makeup. This used to cool down my really sore eyes and removed even stubborn mascaras from what remained of my lashes.

No7 Early Defense Night and Day Creams

These are creams designed for people in their early twenties to combat early signs of aging and to rehydrate the skin. On days where my skin was feeling almost normal, I would use these to keep the dryness at bay. I also found that they did help plump up my skin and give it a more youthful boost. These were quite thin creams too so they were ideal for applying prior to makeup. They sunk straight into the skin!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

This is a magic cream. I started using this above my hydrocortisone as a primer prior to my foundation. It helped take away the stickiness of the ointment and helped work with the ointment to rehydrate those stubborn areas that just wouldn’t budge. This was a lovely treat for my skin and made my face feel normal again.

No7 Youthful Boost Serum

As my face did start to heal, I stopped using the hydrocortisone as religiously. My skin just didn’t need the quite invasive treatment anymore (this can actually thin the skin if used over a long period). I began using serums again at night to keep my skin hydrated. I really love this one from No7 that comes from the same range as the creams. This is a lovely scented oil that sinks straight into the skin leaving no greasy film on the skin. My skin feels lovely in the morning after this too.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream

This is only a sample thank goodness! I couldn’t afford £100 on a face cream, even though it’s awesome! You only need a tiny amount of this and it gives your skin new life. This did help rehydrate my skin and destroyed that final stubborn bit of dryness around my chin. Whoopee!!

I normally wouldn’t recommend using so many products if your skin has had a reaction. However, this time it did actually help me. My regime did need a change around, and I now have a few products that I can use depending on the condition of my skin.

What products do you use on dry skin?

Have a nice day guys!





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