Tips for Looking More Awake


If you have ever worked on a line or currently work on a line, my heart goes out to you. By that final hour on your last shift you are ready to fall into bed at 5pm. I have just finished my final shift in a row of five involving two 13 hour shifts. I was ready for some chill time.

However, for this one time, I wanted to make a quick tips video for ways to make yourself look more awake than how you feel inside.

Glowy Foundation: Matte Foundations can sometimes make skin look dry and tired if the skin is dehydrated already. I work on a ward that gets very warm or cold depending on how our heating system feels that day so skin can feel dried out. A dewy foundation helps make the skin look healthy and give the illusion that you have had eight hours of sleep rather than the more likely five!

Recommended Products: Laura Mercier Candleglow, Nars Sheer Glow, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, Bare Minerals Original Foundation


Concealer: Under the eyes are the areas that show tiredness the most. Dark circles are more visible in dehydrated skin and if you haven’t had enough sleep. Cosmetic companies have placed a lot of research into concealers lately to adapt them for different tasks. There are a few that give amazing coverage but will also brighten that under-eye area to give you that immediate woken up look.

Recommended Products: Bare Minerals Bareskin Concealer, Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand, Chanel Correcteur.


Wear eye makeup that flatters your eye colour: Eyes really are the key to the soul in the case of tiredness. They show off straight away any emotion unless you really have perfected the resting bitch face. I don’t know if anybody else notices this in their makeup, but if I wear colours that bring out the blue tones in my eyes, I immediately look more awake. Gold or brown eyeshadow is one of the best to do this for blue eyes, Green eyes would look amazing with purple, and brown eyes would look flattering with blue eye shadow. This creates the illusion of the whites of the eyes looking brighter and healthier in my opinion.


Keep makeup to a minimum: If I am tired, I avoid eyeliner and dramatic eye makeup entirely these days. On days where I have felt crap and in the need of a bit more kip, I spot a bit of eyeshadow and mascara. That’s about it. If I fancy something along the lash line, I’d smoke out a darker matte eyeshadow. The heavier the eye makeup, I find can sometimes enhance your tired look. I would also wear a nude shade lipstick and a flush-toned blush.


Drink water: Skin looks even more tired when it is dehydrated. In the morning before work, replace your morning coffee with a pint of water. When I get to work, if I still need a caffeine boost, I will drink a herbal tea. I’ve been loving the Tetley Super Fruit Boost Teabags in Blueberry and Cranberry lately. They are designed to reduce fatigue, which has been a great help during my 7am starts.

And those are all of my tips for making myself feel and look more awake. If you have any other tips that you find helpful please leave them in the comments.

Have a lovely day guys!




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