Flirting with Liquid Lipsticks



Liquid lipsticks have been quickly swimming across the Atlantic and coming into the UK lately. Us beauty lovers in England had very little to choose from in the past. However, so many are popping up on the shelves lately, and they’re all such pretty colours.

You may have noticed in my recent What’s in My Makeup Bag post that there were a fair few liquid lippies roaming around in there. I love lipsticks, but I hate it when halfway through the day you’re left with a very patchy lip that needs a few more coats of colour. It’s quite annoying at times. I also hate the dreaded crescent of colour on my chin if I’ve been eating too. The problems of a makeup lover!

Liquid lipsticks are well known for there longevity and hydrating quality. Both win-win qualities for me when it comes to choosing a lipstick. Most brands do have at least one liquid lipstick formulation in their range, and from what I have seen more are coming. MAC already have a matte and a cream version of their liquid lipsticks. Nyx have a fair few too; hence my recent splurge among their shelves!

I am yet to find a liquid lipstick formula that I don’t like. They are amazing. They don’t dry my lips out and are super long-lasting, even whilst eating a burger!

What are your thoughts on liquid lipsticks?

Bye for now!


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