Getting Ready for Summer


As the Summer approaches I thought that I would give self tanning a go. Fake tan was something I have only ever done three times before; sixth form ball, graduation and graduation ball. Those were all a very long time ago and done by a professional.

I am quite a clumsy person when it comes to body products. There’s always so area that I have missed, so to avoid embarrassing situations I tend to stick au naturale when it comes to my skin.

I have seen a few bloggers comment on this new St Tropez Gradual Tan and it does seem a little hit and miss; people either love it or they hate it. They people who tend to dislike it do generally say that it doesn’t give much of a tan.

Well, I am a self-tanning virgin and I have no expectations on how this product will work or how dark it will make me. So as an experiment, I wanted to give this a try for three days. Why three? Because that is how many days off I now have. I will apply this every morning and see how the product develops over this time.


Day 1

As the bottle dictates, I exfoliated everywhere prior to applying and showered. I did leave my hair at this time, leaving that for after the tanning lotion was applied.

So the product is really easy to use. It’s very creamy but not too thick, so it spreads everywhere pretty evenly. I rubbed this in all over my body apart from my face. Whilst I waited the three minutes in my cold bathroom I danced along to Justin’s Can’t Stop This Feeling (just over 3 minutes long) then jumped back in the shower to wash it off.

Straight away, I have noticed a subtle glow to the skin, and it is even from what I can tell. There are no streaks or dodgy patches. However this is the first day; hopefully it layers well.

This doesn’t smell bad, and hasn’t transferred onto any clothes or furniture.


Day 1: A slight hint of warmth


Day 2

On day 2 I applied the tanning lotion as I did yesterday and didn’t notice much improvement in the colour. It still seemed pretty pale. At first. By mid day I seemed to have more of a golden glow, especially on my legs. I’ll be honest, there wasn’t much of a glow. It just looked like I had sat in the garden naked for a few hours. It was quite a pretty natural glow.

As a side note, my legs feel really smooth, which is probably the hydrating properties in the product doing their job.


Day 2: A slight change in colour, but feeling very hydrated and smooth


Day 3

Day three saw a huge change in the colour. Well, maybe not huge, but I definitely looked more tanned. I definitely didn’t look full-blown golden girl but the product definitely gave my fair skin a pretty natural glow.

I did notice a little streaking around my hands and knees, but these came away with a little bit of micellar water.

My legs feel really smooth and hydrated which really impressed me.


Day 3: More of a natural deeper glow

Overall, I have been impressed with this. It’s really easy to use and if you have a good three minute song that gets you dancing, the three minute wait isn’t too annoying and freezing!

I may repurchase this in the future. I might even give the new golden shade a try. But for now, I’ll keep using this one as we come into the Summer.

What are your thoughts on this tanning moisturiser guys?

Bye for now!




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I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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