Some Handy Makeup Bag Essentials

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Us modern girls are constantly on the go one way or another. And as much as we would love to carry our entire makeup collection around with us no matter where we go, it’s simply impossible. Well it is in my case. You should see the lipstick and eyeshadow bags alone!

So what are the ultimate necessities that could be taken in your handbag for the emergency top up? Here’s what I would take.

A Small Bag

Most of our handbags are an average size, but we don’t want our makeup bag to take up all the room. At the minute I have a freebie bag from one of Superdrug’s many promotions in store. This one is ideally sized for my Radley bag, and can squash smaller if needs be. It’s a decent little bag. I love the hashgtag slogan on it too.


As the Summer weather hits us, Foundation Eating Skin Syndrome tends to occur simultaneously. I tend to keep a small foundation in my bag in case of top ups. The new Clinique Chubby Foundation is ideal for this as it is quite compactΒ and easy to blend out with fingers. However, whatever foundation you are using would work.


If you don’t want to carry a foundation about, concealer is the next best thing. Sometimes I find that the first places to wear away are under my eyes and around my nose. To touch up red patches I pat a small amount of concealer around the area and blend out. The Soap & Glory Kick-Ass Concealer is ideal for handbags as it has two shades in here, a powder and a tiny mirror.


I tend to keep a mascara in my bag at all times. My eyelashes must absorb mascara for breakfast because it’s rarely there at the end of the day. At rhe moment I have the Model’s own Waterproof Mascara in my bag. It’s nothing special, but it’s good for a quick swipe of mascara that won’t smudge.

Lip Products

Yes, plural lipsticks. I like to have choices. I tend to have a neutral, a pink and a red in my bag. It’s nice having the option to change it up when you’re out and about.

And those are all of my makeup handbag essentials. What would be yours?

Have a great day guys!



1 comments on “Some Handy Makeup Bag Essentials”

  1. I really like the Soap & Glory concealer, especially for on the go because they fit 3 products in such a little compact! Perfect!
    I also generally keep a mini hand cream in my bag, and a blush because that’s what I find fades first during the day. xo

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