Nars Goes Under Cover


Oh my God this collection is beautiful! It is so colourful and vibrant and absolutely 100% my style. Can you tell I’m already obsessed?

Nars released their Summer collection online a few weeks ago but stores wouldn’t sell it until June. Luckily, some stores were selling it early and I got these beauties a few days after they were launched online.

This collection is called the Under Cover Collection. All the packaging suggests women enjoying their Summer holiday, but in usual Nars form, the names of the product have some sort of sexual connotation. There are four new Dual Intensity Eyeshadows, two Dual Intensity blush palettes and four Lip Lacquers.

I did go a little loopy at the till and bought a fair few. But I know that these will get a lot of use over the next few months.

Dual Intensity Eyeshadows


Left to Right: Pool Shark, Topless, Deep End, Tan Lines 

There are four new shades to add to the already existing eyeshadows. These can be used wet or dry and look beautiful on the lids either way. The shades range from a pale nude (Topless) which looks beautiful as a brow highlight, a brown (Tan Lines) and two bright colours in a pale blue (Pool Shark) and Turquoise (Deep End). All the names scream Summer holidays and they look amazing next to the other shades in the collection.

As you can see, I had to have all of these. They are absolutely stunning and a joy to work with. I used all of them in this look below.

They are so pigmented!

Dual Intensity Blushes


There are two new blushes in the collection. Both look very natural and wearable on all skintones. The palette Liberation seems to be more of a bronzer and blusher whereas Sexual Content has two blush shades. I bought Sexual Content and it is beautiful. I may go back and buy Liberation too but I’ll wait a bit.

Lip Cover


Get Dirty (top), Do Not Disturb (bottom)

These are something different to Nars. These are full coverage lip lacquers. I love the original lip glosses, but these are beautiful. There are four in total ranging from a brown to hot pink. I went for the lighter nude, Get Dirty, and a bright red called Do Not Disturb. These are beautiful, very pigmented and last a long time on the lips.

I love the new collection and it’s definitely one worth checking out.

Have a great day guys!



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  1. Those shadows are gorgeous!! May need to take a little trip to the NARS counter the next time i’m in the city! xo

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