A Touch of Dual Intensity



This is a collection that has built up slowly over time since these are more on the pricey side when it comes to a single eyeshadow. Nars really are the Kings when it comes to super highly pigmented luxurious products. Their blushes and eyeshadow duos are to die for, the lipsticks are amazing and I adore the new mascara.

I bought my first two Dual Intensity eyeshadows last Christmas, or maybe the Christmas before that, and I loved them. These cost Β£21 each. Yes; I did warn that these are pricey! Hence why I have built up my collection slowly over time. My original two were Telesto and Himalia, both golden neutrals.

There are a fair few colours to choose from, and Nars do release new colours in their Seasonal collections. And the beauty of these shadows is that you are really getting two finishes for your money. You can use these both wet and dry, and get very different yet beautiful finishes.

These eyeshadows are very highly pigmented and get more intense when applied with a damp brush. They are really long lasting on the eyelids without a primer, but if you want the pigment to appear more intense if you are nervous to wet the eyeshadow, a primer would give a similar effect.

When damp, they apply nicely to the lid and can be blended out really easily so you won’t be left with a harsh edge in your crease, or the dreaded folds. I have had no issues with these shadows smudging or creasing on my lids. Also, a plus side, when wet these don’t give fallout.

Overall I adore this collection of eyeshadows. They are something very unique compared to my other shadows, and I am still working out ways to layer them. There are so many different shades, there will be at least one for everyone.

But that’s enough rambling from me. I’m sure you want to know what these shadows look like so I have swatched all of the shades that I own. I have dampened the brush on the left swatch, and the right swatch is applied dry.


Which one do you love or want to own? Are there any that you think I should invest in next?

Have a great day guys, and see you tomorrow.




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