Current Day to Day Highlighters



Wearing W7 Glowcamotion 

I love glowy skin, but I doubt that I could ever slay it like the queens of highlighter Jaclyn Hill, Jeffrey Starr or Nikki. Those guys look awesome. I’m just happy to not look like a disco ball on the days I wear highlighter!

I do find that if I over-use some highlighters I do tend to look a bit overly glitzy. As much as I love Becca’s Champagne Pop, I can’t always get away with it on a day to day basis. I prefer something a little more low-key for everyday highlighting.

I don’t have a colour preference for highlighters; I’m up for anything as long as it looks amazing. Fireball from Urban Decay looks scary in the pan but it’s actually one of my favourite highlighters. It looks gorgeous matched with Nars’ Orgasm Blush, or any blush with a peachy pink tone. They’re well-suited.

Of course, I still return to my absolutely stunning Laura Mercier Matte Baked Powder Highlight at times. This is probably the most natural of the three and looks gorgeous on cheek bones or as a brow highlight. I don’t know why they say it’s matte; the glitter on my cheek bones would beg to differ, but I still love it. I still can’t believe this hasn’t dented; I actually use this all the time!

I do love golden highlighters, especially as we finally get Summer weather! When skin is looking tanned a little golden shimmer can look beautiful. This last highlighter is from W7 and it’s called Glowcamotion. I love the name, and for a super cheap brand this is surprisingly really good. It doesn’t look chunky and doesn’t cause breakouts. The product looks really beautiful, and can be worn as a eyeshadow on more low-maintenance makeup days.

What are your current favourite highlighters?



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