June Favourites


Hi guys!

I’m back! Thanks for being patient over the past few days. I just needed some time away. But how are you guys? I hope everyone is well.

I wanted to start the new month off with a monthly favourites.

Prada Candy Kiss Perfume

This was a completely on a whim purchase when I bought my Dad’s birthday present. I was getting a bit bored of my Marc Jacob’s scents and fancied something new. This did catch my eye and the scent is lovely. It’s a very fresh floral- sweet scent. It’s perfect for Spring/Summer and I wear this pretty much every day at the moment.


Model’s Own Hydra Gel Nail Polish

This is probably my favourite nail polish range at the moment. They dry really quickly and have such a beautiful colour range. The original shades usually only take one coat to be completely opaque. They are so beautiful and not too costly either.


Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

100 new lipsticks!!! 100. Yes. 100 new lippies by one of my favourite lipstick creators. There are several different finishes in so many shades. There are honestly too many to choose a favourite but I love the cream and comfort matte finishes. They’re really long lasting and so hydrating on the lips. This new range is beautiful and the packaging is gorgeous. It’s a sexier version of the discontinued Revolution lipsticks. Does anybody else wonder if they changed the name because a certain other brand names their lips collection this?


Urban Decay One and Done

This is a brilliant product. For a tinted moisturiser this gives such high coverage results. On really crap skin days, this is my go-to because it covers everything without looking cakey. This is very hydrating too so it’s perfect for in the Summer when my skin begins to dry out a bit. I wear the shade Medium Light and it’s a pretty good match.


Dior Diorskin Forever and Ever Loose Powder

I love the name of this product. It’s such a romantic name. This is such a finely milled powder, you can’t tell that it’s on the skin, but it helps minimize the look of pores on the skin. It just makes me look healthy. I love this even if it is on the more pricey side.


Bare Minerals Lash Domination Liquid Liner

This is such a good liquid liner. The tip makes it ideal for creating really thin lines or building up to a stronger feline look. It dries pretty quick, which is a godsend with my watery, smudgy eyelids. It’s really easy to use if you are somebody who does struggle with cat-eye liner.


Pretty Little Liars

I am almost caught up. I’ve only got a few episodes to go for season 7 and I am obsessed with this show at the moment. Something had to fill the void whilst I wait for Once Upon a Time to return, so now I love both shows equally. I can’t wait to find out who this new A is.


Dior Addict Lip Gloss

I have grown out of lipglosses lately, but these have got me embracing more sheer lip products as the Summer hits. This range is gorgeous! They are really long lasting for a lip gloss and look really pretty on there own or over the top of lipsticks. I love the shade Cosmic, which is a really pretty coral shade.


Urban Decay Electric Palette

I saw this being used during a Summer Makeup Master Class earlier on in the month and thought to myself, “I need that in my life!” I did review this recently so I would go on and on, but this is gorgeous. It’s so bright and smarties looking. I love it. Beware thought, the pink shade does dye your eyelids slightly so it’s a bugger to get off. Even so, I do love this. It’s an amazing shock of colour to my regular makeup.


Urban Decay Beached Bronzer

Again, this is something else that I have reviewed recently, but this is a great bronzer for fairer skin tones. You could use it as a blush, but I tend to use this to warm up my face. It’s no good for contouring on my skin as it can look a bit orangey but it is perfect for that subtle bit of warmth. It’s beautiful.

99 Things That Bring Me Joy

This book will be seeing some use in my blog posts soon. This is a journal that I fill in on a night to cheer me up. There are 99 questions with positive outlooks that help you focus on the good in your life. Even on days where I’m not feeling too bad I like to fill this in. It’s quite a calming exercise. I will be using this in blog posts soon too.


Tu Hoodie

I do have one fashion favourite and that is my blue comfortable hoodie from Tu. This is a Sainsbury’s range. It cost me £12 and I have practically lived in it all month. I love the slogan on it and did I mention that it was comfortable? On casual days this just really makes the outfit stand out.

And those are all of my favourites this month. Thank you for being so understanding over my few days off. We’re back to normal now.

Please leave any ideas in the comments for posts that you would like to see. Yes Karen, I am working on those work apropriate makeup looks that you wanted!

Have a lovely day guys.



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I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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  1. Jenny says:

    I am dying to try urban decay’s new lipsticks! It’s crazy that they came out with 100!! Love all of your favorites!


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