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Trouble Sleeping?

Don’t sleep in makeup!

I am a pretty light sleeper but I’m even worse if anything is praying on my mind. As tired as I feel, sometimes it takes external things to make me sleep.


Not yet! I haven’t reached that point yet.

I do have a few things that help me sleep; some are controversial and others you probably have used yourselves. If you do have any other ideas let me know.


Sometimes watching Amazing Phil, Tati, Emergency Awesome or any other Youtuber helps me sleep. I don’t get headaches, which is what people warn me about, but watching a small screen does help me sleep easier. Weirdly Netflix wakes me up. Hmmm.

Drinking Water

Taking a drink does help me relax and rehydrates me. Sometimes I can’t sleep if my mouth is really dry. It’s horrible trying to switch off when your tongue feels like sandpaper. Drinks of choice? Water, hazelnut milk or hot lemonade.

Mindifi Deep Sleep 2

This is a hypnosis app. It really works on me. It lasts 45 minutes and it’s a man’s voice talking you through different exercises to help you sleep. There are other apps by this team but this is my favourite. The length of time is perfect.

Read a Book

As long as I can remember, reading has helped me sleep. Whether this is on a kindle or a regular book, by reading a few pages, it takes my mind off my own problems and helps me focus on something else.

So, what helps you guys sleep?

Have a lovely day guys!



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