My 7 Favourite Dior Products at the Moment



Hi guys!

When I was first getting into makeup and was looking for job interview makeup, I somehow made my way to the Dior counter. I left there with a cream blush. I can’t remember the name of it; I don’t even know if Dior still do them. But that was my very first Dior product, back when I was 19. Yikes!

Today I thought that I would share my seven favourites. Some are new, and some are old. But let’s get on with it before I start rambling!


Lip Addict Ultra Lip Glosses

These are new but I love everything about these. They are hydrating, highly pigmented, long-lasting (for a gloss), and have gorgeous packaging. I also love that they use Jennifer Lawrence for their advertisement of these. I do have three of these and I love them all. The colours are gorgeous and absolutely perfect for Summer.


Hydra Life Pro Youth Sorbet Eye Cream

My previous eye cream ran out a few weeks ago and I bought this to replace because I was told that it works well on dry skin. I do find that my under eye area dries out pretty badly at times so any extra hydration it can get is a win-win for me. With this being a sorbet type consistency, a little goes a long way. This worked after two days and has given my under-eye area new life. This isn’t as expensive as some other eye creams that I have tried. This only retails at Β£30. It’s still pricey but it does work. If you do get really dry under-eyes, give this a go. It’s awesome!


Hydra Life Serum Sorbet

Another skincare items that I really love is the serum from the same range as the eye cream. This sinks straight into the skin and helps make your skin feel plumper and healthier. Makeup applies beautifully over the top of this and it can be used during the day and night.

Airflash Foundation

This has possibly reached the top of the list for my bridal foundation. This is absolutely flawless and stunning on the skin. I did find it weird that it is an aerosol foundation but it works. I did buy this on a recommendation from Regina at Picturesque. It is honestly worth it. For such a light coverage, it does an amazing job at hiding any imperfections. It doesn’t sit on top of dry skin and it blurs out pores. This is honestly an amazing product.


Lip Maximiser and Lip Glow Balm

I have cheated here and popped these together. These are from the same lip range that has been designed with makeup artists in mind. However, I use these on myself to help vamp up my own makeup looks. The Lip Glow Balm has been in my collection for ages. It really lasts a long time considering I use this every morning to prep my lips for lipstick. It gives so much hydration to the lips, it’s unreal. I really really love it! The Lip Maximiser, which I reviewed the other day is also really amazing at giving plumper lips without the need for fillers. I do keep this in my handbag if my lips are feeling a little dehydrated but I’m not fussed about a colour top-up.

Nude Air Glow Powder

I will review this soon properly but I love this. This is a bronzer, blush and highlighter in one. This gives such a pretty, natural wash of colour and the more you buff this into the skin, the more the highlight particles show up on the skin. This is such a beautiful product for natural makeup days.

Diorskin Forever and Ever Loose Powder

The final product is a setting powder which I have been obsessed with as of late. This is so finely milledΒ and it blurs out pores and fines lines on the skin without you looking like a barbie doll. This is an absolutely stunning powder. I love the net over the product which stops you overusing the product. You only need the tiniest amount to set your makeup so this will last absolutely ages!


So those are my favourite Dior products at the moment. What are yours? Please let me know in the comments.

Bye for now guys!




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