Music That I’m Enjoying at the Moment


I love music!

Yes, I am that crazy person that you can see headbanging along to some music in the car. I am that person!

I mainly love songs that I can sing along to, but there is the occasional one that I like to just have on in the background.

Instead of a makeup post today, I wanted to share with you some of the songs/ albums that I love listening to.

I do have Spotify, and the majority of these can be found on there.



Since he first released Life in Cartoon Motion I have loved Mika. He has such an unusual voice and such a unique song subject. His songs often take a couple of listens before you get the entire meaning. It took me a few listens to realise that Last party was about Freddie Mercury and AIDS. My favourite songs of his are Emily, Only Love You When I’m Drunk, Hurts (Remix) and Feels Like Love. I love all of his songs, but those are the ones that stand out at the moment.


Nathan Picard

Has anybody else heard of this guy? I love his songs; they’re so soothing. I got introduced to his music in the credits of the movie ‘Frozen Ground.’ I have loved him ever since! He has just released a new album last month, which is currently playing in my car. My favourite song remains to be Memory Finds You, and I want this as my first dance wedding song. I love it that much! Just need a husband first though.

Sounds of the 80s

This isn’t on Spotify as far as I’m aware. This is an awesome CD full of modern covers of popular 80s songs. Most of these are good although there are some stinkers. It is worth listening to.


One Direction

Yes, I do enjoy these guys on occassion. I love the newish album, Made in the AM. I do enjoy the song Perfect; Matthew Hussey’s Parody video of it makes me love it even more, and I do beleive that Harry is singing about Taylor Swift. Who else could it be?


Avril Lavigne

This one is another call-back to my childhood. Well… teenagehood. Avril has a new album out and I love the song Bad Girl. It’s so cool. Not a one that you can sing to, but it’s a great headbanging one. Sippin’ on Sunshine is also an amazing one on the album.


Fallout Boy

Since I was 18, I have loved Fallout Boy. This is my inner Rock Chick coming out. I love their songs; they’re so catchy. I know it’s quite an old one but I love The Phoenix. It’s such a heart racing, get ready for anything song. I also really like Uma Thurman.


I’d best leave it there. I could honestly talk about music for ages if people let me.

What songs do you enjoy at the moment?

Bye for now!




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I'm Jennifer; northern beauty blogger and Starbucks addict. I enjoy blogging about various aspects of my life and throwing the odd review and tutorial into the mix. Hope you enjoy reading my various ramblings.
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