Ice Cream Polka Dot Nails


I love polka dots and I have been playing around with nail art for a little while now. I’ve also seen a trend occurring called ‘ice cream nails’ which tend to be each nail paitned a different pastel shade.

I wanted to combine these two types of nail art together to create this nail look.

I used Model’s Own Soft Pop Hydra Gel Nail Polishes and one Sally Hansen  Complete Salon Manicure. Here’s how I created the above nail look.


Coat each nail with the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Nail Strengthener. Any base coat would do, but this one works best for me since my nails are in really shocking condition lately.

Next I painted each nail in the paler shades. The order I went from pinkie to thumb was Jade (Sally hansen), Lemon Popsicle, Cosy Posy, Lilac Sheen and Sugar Rush. I gave each nail two coats. I then let the nails dry completely.

Once they were dry I took The Body Shop’s Nail Art Tool, taking the thicker end, dipped it lightly into a puddle of Lilac Flush. I placed dots along each nail trying to make a polka dot pattern. I let these dry completely once again.

I then applied a top coat. I used the Model’s Own Hydra Gel Top Coat, but once again, any that you have at hand will do.

I really love the Hydra Gel Nail Polishes. They are really long-lasting and cover ridges and chips flawlessly. They are really brilliant for the low price tag.

What is your favourite nail art trend?

Have a lovely day guys!




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