Let’s Get Down to Earth

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Let’s talk Body Shop today.

This has been one of my favourite places for affordable, really great quality skincare and makeup for years. The Colour Crush eyeshadows were one of the first things that I reviewed on my original blog a fair few years ago. I love the quality of their makeup and their philosophy; Body Shop do a lot of work for charities which is something that I admire about them.

I did have a Β£10 voucher on my Loyalty card so I treat myself to this little beauty.

This is the new Down to Earth Palette. Their is a full line of quads too with the collection, but I loved the shades in this. This retails at Β£22 and is in a very sturdy plastic packaging. Honestly, this thing isn’t going to accidentally pop open in your back! It is also very slimline and has a decent sized mirror.

The shades themselves look amazing. They are cool toned neutrals, which as the palette name suggests, are on the more earthy tones side. They are beautiful. Even the matte black has a very wearable greyish tone to it. I have been told that these can be worn wet or dry. I haven’t put this to the test yet, however the sales assistant was wearing them wet on her eyelids and they looked amazing!


These are very wearable shades, and do hold a lot of pigment. I haven’t actually put them on my eyelids yet, however, I will do a first impressions on how wearable they are tomorrow. On the swatches, the vanilla shade and gold aren’t showing up to well; this is just my camera. Vanilla shades don’t show up on me anyway (these are my transition shades normally) and the cool gold is really pretty. I can’t wait to try this one out tomorrow.

There is a dual-ended brush that has been released along with the new eyeshadow range, and it feels amazingly soft. The fluffy side could be used for blending or packing on a soft layer of shadow. The liner side, looks ideal for eyebrows and is very compact. I might actually try the shadows wet with this side, just to give it a fair review.

What I found odd about the palettes in store was the fact that the shades had weird cut out squares at the back. Apparently the shades can be popped out. Eventually the Colour Crush eyeshadows will be replaced by these types of shadows, so when a shade runs out in the palette, you can replace it straight away without leaving an empty pan in your palette. Or you could buy a brand new shade to wear with the others. I think this idea is so cool, and can’t wait to see what other shades The Body Shop bring out next.

What are your thoughts on the palette?

Have a nice day guys!



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