Let’s Talk Boobs…

…More specifically bras.

I hate bra shopping! It is the bane of my life.

I’m not ashamed to say, that I do measure quite large on the chest department, but my boobs do make getting sized or finding that perfect bra a bloody nightmare!

I may get the back perfect but then one boobie squeezes over the cup and the other is smothered in leftover material. Or, the cups are perfect but the back cuts into my back. I rarely find a bra that is my perfect fit. Sad, painful, embarrassing times. No wonder people scream “Release the tatas!” at the end of a long working day. Bras are pure evil, but so necessary.

Firstly, the prices for larger chested women can be a pain in the arse. You wait for the sales to happen, but the larger sizes are rarely included or out of stock. Those lucky A to C cup ladies get the pick of the litter. I remember once picking a bra on a website, they had my size; the bra itself was down to £10, but when I went to pay, it turned out that my size was still £42! Why???

The other thing I hate about bras is the very unforgiving wire; for two reasons. One, it makes sitting awful. Everytime that I sit down I can feel the bra wire against my stomach. The thing has shifted from under the cups to rest on my stomach. What woman wants her boobs down there? The second reason is that you will find a bra that you adore. The relationship is amazing for a few months. But then you get the poke of death under your armpit. The wire has freed itself making the bra unwearable. Grrrr!

I would like to end this little rant by saying that I love my body, but I really hope bra manufacturers do make bras more suited to larger chested women one day, and that my struggle to find my perfect bra won’t be as much of a quest next time.

Sorry this was a bit TMI today. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Ummmm…. sorry!

What are the things that you hate about bra shopping?

Have a nice day guys!



One thought on “Let’s Talk Boobs…

  1. Bras are worthless for the bigger boobed. Try the tight fit Nike sports tops, the ones that look like a bra and vest all in one. Its the only ones I get for the missus now because after countless hours of following her around shops in search of a good bra, they are the only ones that seem to have any practical effect.

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