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We all have bad skin days, and we all have those products that we love to use when those times occur.

Lately, I really have had badly behaving skin; blemishes, spots, dryness, you name it- my skin has done it!

Over a lot of trial and error, I have found a few products that really have worked wonders, and currently rule the roost in my skincare bag.

So today, I wanted to give a huge shoutout to the things that really have helped combat my weird skin.

Bare Minerals Skin Longevity

This product is designed to treat hydration and combat early signs of aging. I wanted to use this more for the hydration purposes, and this did help the skin absorb other products better and fight the dry patches on my skin. On it’s own, I don’t think that it would have done much. But it was an ideal base product for serums and creams. As for anti-aging, I have noticed the finer lines around my mouth and eyes have reduced slightly.

Body Shop Hemp Face Protector

It’s back! You guys know how much I love this stuff. I have been running into the Body Shop every day since May waiting for this to return to no avail. I think that it was midway through July when I saw two pots hiding behind the Hemp Body Butter. I grabbed, paid and ran before anyone else could take them. This face cream is the ultimate product for really bad dry patches. I have recommended this to friends and family alike and all have said that it is a miracle product. I really do hope that The Body Shop don’t pull it from the shelves again! I’d be devastated!

Dior Hydra Life Serum

This is something else that I used for hydration. As the name suggests, this penetrates through the layers of the skin, tackling the dry skin at the source. It absorbs quickly too so you’re not left with a greasy or wet layer on the skin. This works really well; definitely worth the higher price tag.

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

This is something else that gets used over and over again. This product (not this bottle) has been in my makeup bag since I was a teenager. It helps tackle spots and blemishes. The tea tree removes redness and treats the spot really quickly. It’s a fantastic product to use when you first feel that spot start to form under the skin. It can stop it from becoming one of those horrible angry red things.

Bare Minerals Prime Time: Oil Control

As the Summer hits in full force over here, my skin has begun getting oily. Yes, the dryness is pretty much treated, and now my oily days are here. One cannot win! I hate it on really sweaty mornings where you can’t apply your foundation as it just slips off as soon as you apply it. It’s bloody annoying! So under my foundation, I have been wearing this. This helps absorb excess oil on the skin allowing you to apply foundation as normal, giving it a longer wear-time. Definitely worth checking out for the hot season!

Dior Hydra Life Eye Cream

Remember how wrinkly my under eye area looked at the height of the dryness craze on my skin? I took the plunge and bought this. Like the serum, this product works at the root of the problem and gives skin on the under eye area new life. I noticed a huge difference in my skin after using this product. It truly was amazing. I still use it as it has helped diminish finer lines around my eyes.

And those are all of my current skincare heroes. What are yours?

Thanks for reading guys, and have a lovely day.



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