I Have A New Makeup Artist Crush

I love playing around with makeup, and I really respect the skills of people who have done this a lot longer than I have. Charlotte Tilbury, Scott Barnes,  Wayne Goss… all people in the makeup world who have awesome skills that someone like me who is only just starting out can only admire.

I love going through celebrity makeup artists social feeds to see their latest looks and I drink up any advise that they give.

I recently added another name to my makeup artist crush list. Me and my friend Lynz (the one in my YouTube videos) have started looking at makeup books. I wanted to try the Bobbi Brown Makeup books and bought a few at the House of Fraser and Fenwicks. I think these were discounted because they weren’t as expensive as expected. I don’t know though.

I have fallen in love with Bobbi’s  philosophy in beauty. She has a huge focus on natural beauty and enhancing a person’s natural beauty from the inside and out. In her ‘Beauty Rules’ book, which focuses on teens and tweens she states, Learn to appreciate your face the way it is, in regards to wearing too much makeup at an early age. I love this sort of philosophy in a world where, let’s be honest, we attempt to look more like celebrities than ourselves.

Myself, I sometimes feel self-conscious about my wonky mouth (on side slopes up higher than the other), my double chin or long nose. However, I have grown to appreciate them as things that make me look like me, and not like a lot of instagram images out there.

On every page, Bobbi’s models all look very natural with a healthy, glowing skin-like base and natural eye makeup with a neutral shade lip colour. I’m sure that like all makeup artists she will do the bold and creative looks, but her statement looks all seem to be the natural beauty look.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting creative with makeup; I love my colours and statement lip shades as much as everyone. However, it is nice to feel that you can wear your natural beauty with pride, and not feel ashamed of your longer nose or wonky lips.

I am looking forward to reading through these books and picking up more skills that I can use on clients or myself.

Thanks for reading guys! Who are your favourite celebrity makeup artists?

Have a lovely day.




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